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Electric Room Heaters India

electric room heaters india

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And we got right to watching TV.

Aside from the rooms being strangely slanted to one side, they were actually not too bad. Food was good and rooms were heated, usually too much..

All our wonderful amenities:

- Cable TV (until the prepaid contract ran out of money on our last day)

- Wireless Internet (usually, except during the afternoons when the signal would always drop out)

- Hot water (for the most part, except when the water heater was not on or there was no water pressure, which was often)

- Electric blankets (a nice idea, but they were too hot, as I can prove with the 2nd degree burns on my legs from leaving mine on all night)

Plug of an electric room heater

Plug of an electric room heater

The only heater I had in 5.5 months in India. The guy insisted that plugging it in with matches is not at all dangerous.

electric room heaters india

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