Heater Core Leaking Antifreeze : Power Vent Lp Water Heater.

Heater Core Leaking Antifreeze

heater core leaking antifreeze

    heater core
  • A heater core is a radiator-like device used in heating the cabin of a vehicle. Hot coolant from the vehicle's engine is passed through a winding tube of the core, a heat exchanger between coolant and cabin air.

  • A finned unit located in the passenger compartment and through which coolant from the engine flows to heat the unit. A fan blows air over the unit to heat the passenger compartment

  • The heater core is a miniature radiator that sits in the dashboard area. When the heater is turned on, it opens the heater valve which lets hot coolant into the heater core, which then warms the air coming into the vehicle's interior.

  • A liquid, typically one based on ethylene glycol, which can be added to water to lower the freezing point, chiefly used in the radiator of a motor vehicle

  • a liquid added to the water in a cooling system to lower its freezing point

  • Antifreeze is used in internal combustion engines and many other heat transfer applications, such as HVAC chillers and solar water heaters.

  • Antifreeze proteins (AFPs) or ice structuring proteins (ISPs) refer to a class of polypeptides produced by certain vertebrates, plants, fungi and bacteria that permit their survival in subzero environments.

  • (of liquid, gas, etc.) Pass in or out through a hole or crack in such a way

  • (leak) an accidental hole that allows something (fluid or light etc.) to enter or escape; "one of the tires developed a leak"

  • (leak) soft watery rot in fruits and vegetables caused by fungi

  • (of a container or covering) Accidentally lose or admit contents, esp. liquid or gas, through a hole or crack

  • (of secret information) Become known

  • (leak) tell anonymously; "The news were leaked to the paper"

Antifreeze recycling

Antifreeze recycling

Antifreeze recycling is done in-shop at the Kentucky Army National Guard. The recycler is connected directly to each vehicle and pumps antifreeze out of the vehicle tanks, cleans it, and immediately re-injects it in a closed loop system. Thanks to this recycling, the KYARNG has reduced new antifreeze purchase to around just 25 gallons over the past two years while maintaining more than 100 trucks.

That's my antifreeze! Logan Pass (Glacier N.P.)

That's my antifreeze! Logan Pass (Glacier N.P.)

This Bigshorn Sheep Ram is trying to tell this Mule Deer Buck to get off his turf. These animals fill the Logan Pass parking area at night to lick up the chemicals that fell off the parked cars during the day. Antifreeze is one of their favs! Reynolds Mountain is seen in the background. Photo at dusk in Glacier National Park, Montana.

heater core leaking antifreeze

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