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Electric Room Heaters India

electric room heaters india

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And we got right to watching TV.

Aside from the rooms being strangely slanted to one side, they were actually not too bad. Food was good and rooms were heated, usually too much..

All our wonderful amenities:

- Cable TV (until the prepaid contract ran out of money on our last day)

- Wireless Internet (usually, except during the afternoons when the signal would always drop out)

- Hot water (for the most part, except when the water heater was not on or there was no water pressure, which was often)

- Electric blankets (a nice idea, but they were too hot, as I can prove with the 2nd degree burns on my legs from leaving mine on all night)

Plug of an electric room heater

Plug of an electric room heater

The only heater I had in 5.5 months in India. The guy insisted that plugging it in with matches is not at all dangerous.

electric room heaters india

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Space heater with timer. Dayton heaters parts. Solar water heater winter.

Space Heater With Timer

space heater with timer

    space heater
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OK, Two Things about My Crawl Space

OK, Two Things about My Crawl Space

Ok, Two things:

1. I had to go into the crawl space a week after we had an emergency replacement of the Hot Water Heater. You see, the hardwood floor continued to buckle after the leak was removed, so I had to confirm that it wasn't still wet and seeping. It wasn't (that's the good news), but I noticed that my cell phone was missing later that day (that was the bad news).

So ..... you guessed it. I had to go back in to get the phone. Why take a phone in with me in the first place..??? Glad you asked. That leads me to the second "thing".

2. As you may have noticed, the crawl space is quite short in height. What you may not know is that I am a rather portly gentleman. In order to slide under those beams (which appear about every 4 feet), I have to roll over onto my back, exhale, and make my move all the while using my hand to shove parts of my chest and belly under the beam.

See that copper pipe? That is even lower than the beam. Oh sure, it's only an inch or so lower, but that's a critical inch under the circumstances. Thanks goodness it's flexible.

After I was done, I wished I had taken a self portrait as a tunnel rat. But now, I'm glad I didn't. It would probably scare the hell out of me how much of this scant space I fill up.

Oh ... yea ... the reason I took the cell phone with me was that I wanted to be able to call for help just in case I was more portly than the last time I visited this spot and got stuck. I never dreamed I would get a call while I was down there. I guess I didn't put it back into my pocket very securely. Of course, it HAD to fall out at the furthest reaches of the crawl space. Thank you, Mr. Murphy.

3. (Ok, I really meant "Three Things") While I was down there, I couldn't get the camera to get a good shot without the flash. And the flash doesn't do a great job past about 10 feet. So ... I tried a technique I learned on Flickr - torch painting. (for us in Amercia, that means taking a flashlight and shining it onto the desired subjects during a timed shot. My camera only can do an 8-second shot, but I thought this was pretty good.

A self portrait would've been interesting, wouldn't it. I only have a 10-second timer, so I'd have to belly crawl backwards (oooo, think of all the dirt claudes scooped up in my shirt), and have a bullet-proof plan for getting the flashlight to paint me. All in 10 seconds. Whew..!!! I'm glad I didn't try it. Remember, my emergency cell phone was missing by then. I would've been a goner for sure if anything went ary.

I'm glad I'm here to tell you about it.

By the way, I took the camera to document what I saw in case I had a question later on.


Aputure Timer Remote for Canon

Aputure Timer Remote for Canon

I finally received this Aputure Timer/Remote for the camera.
It does pretty much the same as the Canon TC80N3 . However, this one came from Hong Kong and was only $55
Got it on eBay.

The bad: It is an ALWAYS on device. Go figure, you need to remove the battery to turn it off.
The good: The aperture switch function works without the battery. Sweet. Plus it claims 3 years of battery life (I wonder if that's only on standby)

space heater with timer

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